The Feynman Lectures on Physics: Mainly Mechanics, Radiation and Heat - Vol. 1 Paperback – 2012


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  • Physics Lectures
  • Volume 1
  • Author: Richard P. Feynman
  • Paperback

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First published in 1964, the Feynman Lectures on Physics have been complied into a series of textbooks from the lectures that the well known physics professor gave at the California Institute of Technology. This particular book, ‘The Feynman Lectures On Physics: Mainly Mechanics, Radiation And Heat (Volume - 1)’ is the first volume of the three-part series of lectures.

During the 1960s, Feynman conducted a thorough research on many difficult topics troubling physicists around the world and his findings had perplexed the theoretical scientists community. His growing popularity and intellect had the California Institute of Technology authorities request him to deliver a series of lectures.

Feynman obliged the institute but with the condition that he would deliver the lectures only once. Needless to say, the lectures were recorded and it is that first-hand path-breaking lectures that Pearson Education has brought out for the benefits of students and researchers globally on the subject.

The first few sections of the book deal with the behaviour of the atoms and about atoms in general; how all matter are atoms and how atoms are the crux of any chemical reaction. The book, then, establishes the fundamentals of nuclei and atoms and further elaborates on the relationship of physics with psychology, geology, biology and astronomy.

The next section deals with how energy can be converted from one form to another and about the conservation of energy. There is also considerable discussion about the two-dimensional rotation of matter and that of space. Brownian theories and Statistical Mechanics along with harmonic oscillators are also explained in detail in this book.


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